How can Classical Ballet help my technique in other styles?

When you’re into the latest music and the funkier styles of Dance like Jazz and Hip Hop it’s easy to understand why you wouldn’t want to do ballet. If I don’t like classical music why would I want to dance to it?

We don’t always like the piece of music we dance to however it’s used for a reason. Classical music for dance is composed with timing, rhythms and accents which all help achieve the correct technique, style and feeling of each step – and we can also achieve this through many modern pieces of music.

Now let’s put the music aside, why would I want to dance at the barre? The barre is an assistance tool used when practicing technique which improves posture, balance, control, turning…wait where have I heard those words before? Could it be in my Jazz, Hip Hop and even Tap classes?! The ballet foundations are present in all styles of dance. So your next question might be, so if it’s present in all styles of dance why do I need ballet? Don’t I just learn them in my other classes?

Of course sometime of class is spent on these things but the classical ballet principles enforce them and allow their practice in every exercise. The goal is for you to take what you learn in your ballet classes to assist your growth, improvement and execution of technique in other styles. If you think of it like a house – you can try put up the walls first but without a slab (foundation!) it won’t stay strong for very long nor have any continuous support.

Ok Last question, why are you telling me this? Because we care about the strength, improvement and longevity of our dancers. We are blessed with so many talented students both in technique and performance and cannot stress enough how important ballet is to not only dancing in any style but to basic functions of daily physical movement and the prevention of injury both acute and chronic in later life.


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